Project 4: Sculptural / Immersive Environments


Susan / Ori / Corrinne
Matt / Liza / Sophie
Meesh / Amber
Gillian / Lona / Ron
Michelle / Isabella / Will

Use both sound and light in a sculptural or immersive way. You are free to use screens and speakers, but don’t use them in their most typical mode (single channel video w/ stereo sound). This is an opportunity to play with light and sound in space–you might design projections for an irregular topography, a performance for speakers & light bulb, a miniature scene, or a dreamhouse. The goal is to push beyond the traditional modes of audiovisual spectatorship and engage with irl space.

When your group has a starting point, you will get a projector and speakers. Supplies are limited and somewhat specific — we’ll talk about what is available. Some of these projects might end up being site specific and two days of discussion will give us time to move locations as need be.

Projects are due in class on Tuesday, 3/28, but send a link to a short documentation excerpt of your project by midnight on the 27th. We’ll discuss the projects on the 28th and 30th in class.