Mixed Environments / Time Collage


Collage is the combination of diverse materials and media into one composition. The term itself derives from the French “coller,” meaning “glue.”

Create a piece from a variety of different sources. Unlike the last project, this is an exercise in sampling and juxtaposition — composing with references. Your source material can be generated (animation, text…), recorded (field recordings, shot footage…) or found (internet…) — there are no external content limitations.

Give yourself 3 rules and stick to them. The rules can apply to content (I’m only going to use the sounds of traffic) or editing (50% of the piece with be silent) or process (the final piece will be an improvisation on camera with gathered visual/sonic content). Put your rules in the video description.

Duration should be around 2 minutes.

I’ll add a few links below over the next few days. (oops)







manic pixel dream girl from Meesh Kislyakov on Vimeo.

1. make all my own sounds
2. use only claymation
3. piece will be made up as it goes along (process-wise)




saturn song 1 from Gillian Lee on Vimeo.

1. make an abstract mood-film based off of an audio recording of an interview with someone I love about “something beautiful”
2. use text and stolen footage (take no new footage)
3. the interviewee makes up the third rule
3. something blue in every shot
for the sake of transparency re: the artistic process: this film took me 10+ hours to make.




DO THE DANCE from Susan Grochmal on Vimeo.

1. create a set and character away from home out of contents of backpack and cardboard box
2. at least half the frames must have color inversion
3. not allowed to leave room until finished making video




a memory from Sophie Fields on Vimeo.

1. Must make own sounds
2. must utilize rotoscoping for animation for portion[s] of video
3. must utilize filming own footage for part of video




Three from Liza Pittard on Vimeo.

-use photographs in some way
-utilize empty space (ie: black screen, silence/noise)
-only use 2-3 videos/clips overall




1. Use 3 video samples
2. Use 1 audio sample
3. Focus on the color blue




I married my computer from corrinne james on Vimeo.

-draw everything by hand w marker
-work on desk and not bed
-try and channel computer dream but also try and get abstract w it




awan biru from Lona Manik on Vimeo.

1. only use stock footage
2. only use one piece of stock footage
3. only make sounds from double bass




Space Piece from michelle miles on Vimeo.

1. All footage must be filmed by someone other than myself.
2. All shots are an interpretation of “neglected space.”
3. Vertical relationships of source video must be maintained.




Scheme from Ori on Vimeo.

1. Link each pair of adjacent clips with a single common element (object, motion, shape, etc.)
2. Follow a single color palette throughout
3. Follow a single tonal palette throughout




lazy fridays from ron on Vimeo.

1. only use QuickTime screen capture and playback in various video players to edit the video
2. i only get to use video sources i filmed myself
3. i can’t take off my binder except when i’m asleep or done with the project (this is because apparently binder + sleep = death)
4. audio has to use an uncut sample (no rearranging)




1.Use mixed media
2.Start with a blank canvas and gathered materials, build video in the process
3.Don’t think about sound until video is finished.




Fugue from Amber Bouchard on Vimeo.

1. Attempt a tryptic format video where the three panels do not detract from each other and work together rhythmically (a visual fugue)
2. Create a poem using only iphone predictive text (can choose between the three word suggestions). Words must appear in their original form and order, but individual sentences can be moved around. Allow the poem to create a narrative for the video’s non-human characters.
3. Use only self-created sounds using the violin. It is ok to digitally manipulate/layer/pitch shift the sounds.
(4. Use “traditional” art materials in a different way through stop motion)