What is the scope of this course?

This course moves between traditional art discourses, drawing on techniques and concepts from music, film, new media, and recent digital art practices.

Our trajectory moves from fixed media (visual music, music video, experimental animation) through interactive media (live audio/visuals, a/v games, online platforms) and ends with ‘physical’ approaches (mapping, sculpture, networks, theater (gasp!))

A considerable amount of our time with be spent discussing process. To start, do we create music first or visuals first, or are there ways of working more fluidly between them?


We’ll also consider the screen and speaker instrument and it’s many functions — a surface, window, portal, alternate reality, character, etc.


what role does sound play in these modes/questions?

Structure, assignments, and expectations
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Ok, so who are you?
  • What are you interested in?
  • what is your background?
assignments for next week…
  1. By Friday (1/20) at midnight, send me a link to a video that you are interested in–something that you want to discuss or an example of work that you are interested in making that seems in line with the themes of this class. Email the link to peterb@virginia.edu with the subject “My favorite snail video”. It could also be documentation of a performance or a sculptural audiovisual piece/installation. I will compile the links on a page by Saturday (I’ll send an email to let you know when they are up). Watch them before class on Tuesday.
  2. By class next Monday (1/23) create a video channel to host your projects for the semester (youtube, vimeo, etc). It can be a new dedicated channel or a channel that you’ve already been using. Be sure that embedding is enabled and send me the link.
  3. For Tuesday’s class (1/24), read the two chapters from Sight, Sound, Motion (link on the session page)
  4. For those who want to look ahead–your first project is coming up — next Thursday (1/26). You can find instructions for the project here, or by clicking Project 1 on the Schedule page.