Workshop // live and interactive environments

We will look at a few systems and programs for designing interactive audiovisual environments…

  • Processing (free, cross-platform) – coding environment for generative/interactive visuals
  • Scratch (free, online) – a web-based, “block” programming environment for simply building interactive systems. Scratch is great if you have never programmed before or if you want a simple but powerful set of tools to build interactive narratives and simple game like environments. Scratch is primary for screen based experiences using the mouse and keyboard.
  • VDMX (not free, mac only) – vj software
  • Isadora -(not free, cross-platform) – visual programming environment for interactive audiovisuals
  • Resolume – (not free, cross-platform) – vj software
  • Unity – (free, cross-platform) – game engine and development tools
  • Quartz Composer – (free, mac only) – development tool for processing and rendering graphical data
  • Mad Mapper – (not free, mac only) – video warper (often used for projection mapping)
  • Twine – (free, cross platform) – simple to use environment for interactive storytelling with media capabilities
  • P5 – (free, cross-platform) – built on processing and optimized for the web
  • html5 – (free, online) – there are a lot of multimedia abilities within html5–animation, audio, video, etc.
  • Max/MSP/Jitter (not free, cross platform) – steeper learning curve, but it allows you to easily build both simple complex systems and perform advanced audio/visual processes. Max is fine for screen-based interactions, but it better suited for audiovisual performance and installation contexts.